Swamping, Stalling & Dry puff

A few terminology tips from you local Guernsey Vaping Shop

Swamping: When there is way too much liquid, the coil acts like an immersion heater. Vapor bubbles develop directly at the coil, but get absorbed by the surrounding liquid, before much can escape. Thus slowly heating all of the liquid. Only when the liquid gets nears the boiling point more vapor can escape.

Stalling: When the air stream is too weak to remove the vapor from the coil, this vapor hinders cooler liquid from reaching the coil. Since the energy from the coil can’t be absorbed fast enough by the already hot vapor, it heats the coil. The increased pressure also hinders the flow of liquid from the tank and through the wick. When the vapor has dissipated enough, liquid will meet the coil again. This time the coil is way to hot -> Dry puff.

Dry puff: When not enough liquid gets to the coil to absorb the energy, the coil heats up. This usually happens when too much power is applied and the wicking can’t transport the liquid fast enough. Or simply when the tank runs dry. First the vapor get uncomfortably hot and the taste changes to unpleasant. Then chemical reactions start and the taste turns excruciating. Far worse than smoking.