Swamping, Stalling & Dry puff

A few terminology tips from you local Guernsey Vaping Shop

Swamping: When there is way too much liquid, the coil acts like an immersion heater. Vapor bubbles develop directly at the coil, but get absorbed by the surrounding liquid, before much can escape. Thus slowly heating all of the liquid. Only when the liquid gets nears the boiling point more vapor can escape.

Stalling: When the air stream is too weak to remove the vapor from the coil, this vapor hinders cooler liquid from reaching the coil. Since the energy from the coil can’t be absorbed fast enough by the already hot vapor, it heats the coil. The increased pressure also hinders the flow of liquid from the tank and through the wick. When the vapor has dissipated enough, liquid will meet the coil again. This time the coil is way to hot -> Dry puff.

Dry puff: When not enough liquid gets to the coil to absorb the energy, the coil heats up. This usually happens when too much power is applied and the wicking can’t transport the liquid fast enough. Or simply when the tank runs dry. First the vapor get uncomfortably hot and the taste changes to unpleasant. Then chemical reactions start and the taste turns excruciating. Far worse than smoking.

When is it time to change your coil?

When is it time to change your coil?

Some advice for vaping and vapers in Guernsey.

All vaping coils will need to be replaced after a certain amount of use. The time between coil replacements will vary by vaper according to the eliquid used and personal vaping habits.

You will know the coil needs changing when you begin experiencing less performance and taste. The first sign that your coil needs replacing is less vapor production.

The second indication is the flavour becoming less tasty, and may begin to produce a burnt taste. This burnt taste will become more and more apparent as the coil continues to wear out.

At our vaping shop in Guernsey we recommend that you change your coil at the very first indication of a burnt taste and decreased clouds.

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Vaping Guernsey Essentials – Filling a Disposable Clearomiser

Vape Guernsey Essentials – Filling a Disposable Clearomiser – from www.vapeonline.gg

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. First remove the mouthpiece from the Clearomiser by carefully unscrewing it (try not to pull on it as this can damage the unit and cause it to leak liquid).

2. Hold the Clearomiser at an angle so that you can run the liquid down the side of the clear tank, taking care not to get the liquid down the centre pillar. *Do not overfill the Clearomiser tank.

3. Screw the black mouthpiece back on and leave it to stand for around 5/10 minutes, this will allow the liquid to wick into the coil properly.

Please note: warranty on cartomisers are DOA only. The clearomisers do only have a limited life span. They can last from 2-3 weeks plus depending on usage.

Please ensure when connecting your Clearomiser onto your battery you do not over-screw or tighten the cartomizer.

Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology Overview

Nearly 3m people in the UK use ecigarettes. The market is growing rapidly. The e-cigarette market has been led by small companies, but all the major tobacco companies have products.

A growing body of evidence shows that ecigarettes are much less harmful than tobacco. There is evidence showing that e-cigarettes can help smokers quit tobacco.  Current evidence suggests that e-cigarettes do not encourage tobacco smoking among non-smokers or children. Most e-cigarettes are regulated as tobacco related products, via new EU legislation. There are a wide range of potential impacts of the EU Directive, which are uncertain. Producers must license e-cigarettes as medicines if they make health claims, such as effectiveness as a stop-smoking tool.

Vaping News

The number of people smoking in England has hit the lowest levels on record, according to Public Health England (PHE) figures. In 2015, smoking levels decreased to 16.9% in England, PHE’s Annual Population Survey (APS) shows. This is down from 17.8% in 2014.

Alison Cox, Cancer Research UK’s director of prevention, said: “Smoking is still the biggest preventable cause of cancer, so it’s good to see that smoking rates are at a record low.

New Product

vape guernseyThe Endura T18 can be USB charged and can be vaped whilst charging. The Prism coils are easy to install into the tank and the tank can be re- filled from the top. The Endura T18 also features a battery indicating LED that shows you roughly how much charge you have left. Green is almost fully charged, yellow is half power and red indicates you need to re-charge the battery.
Available instore – *Over 18yrs only