Vaping Guernsey Essentials – Filling a Disposable Clearomiser

Vape Guernsey Essentials – Filling a Disposable Clearomiser – from

Here are some tips to get you started:

1. First remove the mouthpiece from the Clearomiser by carefully unscrewing it (try not to pull on it as this can damage the unit and cause it to leak liquid).

2. Hold the Clearomiser at an angle so that you can run the liquid down the side of the clear tank, taking care not to get the liquid down the centre pillar. *Do not overfill the Clearomiser tank.

3. Screw the black mouthpiece back on and leave it to stand for around 5/10 minutes, this will allow the liquid to wick into the coil properly.

Please note: warranty on cartomisers are DOA only. The clearomisers do only have a limited life span. They can last from 2-3 weeks plus depending on usage.

Please ensure when connecting your Clearomiser onto your battery you do not over-screw or tighten the cartomizer.